Director’s Corner

FEB 2015 — Welcome to our first E-zine, an online digital publication from the Center for Learning Technologies (CLT) . We will be publishing this several times during fall and spring semesters.

Each publication contains a ‘Faculty Focus’ which spotlights one of your colleagues who has distinguished themselves in their virtual course work. This first issue features our own Cynthia Henning who has taken online health and activity courses to a new level.

Members of our learning technologies team will write or share articles on technology and pedagogy in an online environment as well as ideas that you may want to incorporate. We will offer ideas on professional development opportunities outside of LCCC.

This publication is to assist you, the faculty member, in your virtual course development and teaching. We welcome your ideas on topics that you would like us to cover in upcoming issues. This is your E-zine and we will strive to continually improve it and offer concrete tips and ideas you can use in your important work here at LCCC.

Your hard work at LCCC improves the learning experiences our students have. We appreciate your commitment to excellence in teaching and are here to support your efforts. It is to that end that we have created this publication.

 –Les Balsiger, J.D.–



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