Faculty Focus Cindy Henning

–Dr. Tim Kochery–

henningCynthia “Cindy” Henning

Course: PEAC 1295 502 Individualized Exercise Programs

 Cynthia Henning has been an instructor at LCCC for five years and is currently the Director of the Exercise Science Program. About four years ago she saw a presentation at LCCC with Tammarra Holmes, Academic Technologist for the Center for Learning Technologies and Valerie Milsap, Nursing Instructor, where they showed how they were using the Tegrity Lecture Capture system and the Respondus LockDown Browser in a course to create an online proctoring environment. This demonstration, raised her interest as to how she could apply these types of emerging technologies into her courses at LCCC. Furthermore, from her background experiences at Dakota State University, she had witnessed these types of computer technologies and online course components being extensively integrated into the entire curriculum.

Cindy was immediately interested in how she could use digital video technologies in her Physical Education courses. She knew that she could produce a repository of these videos to serve as demonstrations of proper exercise techniques, but she also began to realize that these digital videos could capture each student’s exercise movements and help provide some personalized corrective feedback. It also allowed the learners to have on-going video resources which allowed them to review their own exercise forms, styles, and ways they could improve.

In addition to these video applications, Cindy was also aware that there was a growing need to put some of her Physical Exercise courses online. She received many contacts from transferred Military personnel and other distance learners who wanted to continue their education in that field, or needed physical education credit to complete their degree program. From her experiences with some of the communication functions available in the D2L campus LMS, and the capacities afforded by the digital video technologies, she recognized that she had the tools to provide the ongoing monitoring of physical activities and important coaching feedback that enabled her to put these courses online.

Cindy contacted Tammarra about using these technologies and developing her PEAC 1295 Individualized Exercise Program into an online offering. During these discussions, she was able to express her course ideas, learn how to implement various instructional technologies, plus hear about what other resources are available. In this course, she now uses D2L to provide documents, illustrations, PowerPoints and video demonstrations by the instructor about the proper exercise techniques. She also requires that each student have a web-cam, and uses D2L’s built-in video capacity to record pre and post-test videos to evaluate exercise improvements. The students post their videos into the D2L Dropbox, and the instructor can easily review and provide constructive feedback on the student’s performance.

The D2L Discussion Board is also used for students to post bi-weekly status reports about their individual exercise program which is shared with other classmates. Each student posts about their challenges, difficulties, improvements, and progress. The other students respond with comments about sharing similar struggles, ideas about what worked for them, and providing encouragement. Cindy has been impressed about how this online environment has established a strong learning community and a very supportive group of peer-coaches, which is often more effective and beneficial than what she observes in her face-face classes. She has been excited about how these various technologies have been able to overcome what she perceived as the biggest challenge, which was to provide that personal connection, and in actuality these have afforded more opportunities for varied and individualized feedback.

Cindy has been motivated by these initial technology implementations and has moved more of her PE courses into an online environment. Her eventual goal is to have the whole PE program available online, which offers a valuable option for students in addition to her face-face sessions. She mentions finding the support, resources and ideas that she received from CLT staff to be very beneficial and supportive. In particular, she was pleased to be provided with a range of choices and possibilities for how she could achieve her instructional goals. Moreover, she was grateful for the encouragement she received from CLT to experiment and fail, while continuing to work together to find the appropriate solutions. Overall, these technology integrations have allowed her to achieve the objective of making Physical Education instruction and activities more flexible and accessible for a wider-range audience.



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