Director’s Corner

AUG/SEP 2015 — Here at LCCC we have called learning that takes place on the internet, online or distance education. In the 21st Century we need to expand our view and look at it differently. We now have classes that are hybrid, with reduced class meetings and more online instruction. We also have face to face courses with online or digital aspects of the course.

There is no longer a one size fits all definition. Students are no longer constrained by time and place restrictions. Learning is taking place outside the classroom and outside the traditional time period. More of the content is digital and delivered through technology. There are videos, games, and adaptive software content. No longer do we rely just on lecture but now increasingly on different delivery modalities to engage our students.

While technology may change the role that an instructor plays, we can never eliminate the need for instruction within any of these environments. The instructor can guide the student through the use of digital content to enhance and deepen their learning experience.

Here at the Center for Learning Technologies (CLT) we classify what we do as digital learning rather than just distance or online. We work with faculty who are flipping classrooms, developing hybrid courses, putting course work totally online, or enhancing their face to face to classes with digital content. Some faculty have experimented with gamification, others have used digital demonstrations and hands on learning. Those of us at the CLT are excited to assist you in any digital endeavor that you wish to experiment with or implement for our courses.

Over the coming school year, we will be holding workshops and trainings to assist you to add new things to any type of class you may teach, including new department offerings. Please drop in to our center in the basement of the EEC building and meet with our staff to see what we can do to assist your instruction.

 –Les Balsiger, J.D.–



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