Thanks to the Early Adopters of YuJa!


At the end of the 2016 spring semester, LCCC adopted YuJa Active Learning Platform as a replacement for Tegrity, MediaCast, and BlackBoard Collaborate. YuJa provides lecture capture, web meeting, and a wide variety of other capabilities for instructors and students alike.  Prior to the adoption, we had some of our great instructors volunteer to pilot the usage of YuJa. They attended trainings with the Center for Learning Technologies, investigated different functionalities, and asked tons of questions.

These instructors were literally from every corner of our campus. They forged ahead and tried a variety of approaches to introduce this technology to their students and provided invaluable feedback to the CLT every step of the way. For being pioneers and helping us better serve our instructors and students at LCCC with the technology provided by the college, we at the Center for Learning Technologies want to offer the following list of LCCC instructors, a great big THANK YOU!

  •                 Jonathan Carrier – Albany County Campus: Psychology Instructor
  •                 Dusty Day – Arts & Humanities:  Communications Instructor
  •                 Lindsey Hanlon – Arts & Humanities:  English Instructor
  •                 Mary Ludwig – Math & Sciences: History Instructor
  •                 Holly Manning – Arts & Humanities: Communications Instructor
  •                 Laura McMennamin – Albany County Campus: English Instructor
  •                 Trent Morrell – Math & Sciences: Geoscience Instructor
  •                 Jay O’Brien – Arts & Humanities:  Mass Media/Multimedia Instructor
  •                 Denise Rogers – Business, Ag, and Technical Studies: Economics and Public Policy Instructor
  •                 John Sanford – Math & Sciences: Psychology Instructor
  •                 Jake Sherlock – Arts & Humanities: Mass Media/Multimedia Instructor
  •                 Courtney Springer – Math & Sciences:  Biology, Microbiology and Chemistry Instructor
  •                 Crystal Stratton – Arts & Humanities:  Communications Instructor
  •                 Lynn Swearingen – Albany County Campus:  English Instructor
  •                 Rob Van Cleave – Business, Ag, and Technical Studies: Computer Information Systems Instructor
  •                 Shannon Zavorka – Math & Sciences: Statistics Instructor

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