Online Instructor Certification

By Rebecca M. Reese, Ph.D.


The Center for Learning Technologies is proud to launch a new professional development opportunity with the Online Instructor Certification (OIC). You will work with members of our department to discover vital instructional techniques and best practices in online learning environments.  We’ll learn about the how the brain uses different learning modes and how it encapsulates (‘chunks’) information. We developed two hybrid courses, OIC 1 and OIC 2, with plans to launch them as fully online offerings once they are vetted with pilot groups.

In OIC 1, participants explore myths of learning, pedagogical principles of online learners, instructional strategies to create purposeful learning in online communities, develop strategies to build their online course, and give/receive peer reviews of their work. In OIC 2, participants focus on more of the EdTech side of online development. We will consider copyright in the online environment, examine the principles behind developing quality multimedia activities, and explore the power of social media in the classroom.

No matter your skill level, OIC will help you meet the demands of your online learners. If you’re already a skilled in online learning practices, these courses will provide you with ideas for: augmenting online environment with interactive activities and insights that will help you make the most of your time. Give yourself a competitive edge with this great professional development opportunity.

OIC 1 will run 02/9/2016 – 03/30/2017 on Thursdays from 4pm-6pm, with only four of the dates being delivered as face-to-face meetings. If you would like to be a member of the OIC 1 pilot group, please email Brandon ( or me ( by 12/16/2016. Once registered, the course syllabus and tentative course schedule will be sent to you.




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