Center for Learning Technologies

When you have a technology problem with D2L (it is not working right) you need to call the help desk 778-4357.

If you need to know how to use D2L – Please contact a Center for Learning Technologies staff member for assistance:

Dr. Rebecca M. Reese, Sr. Instructional Designer

  • Phone: 307.778.4391
  • Office: EEC 119
  • Contact

Dr. Tim Kochery, Sr. Instructional Designer

  • Phone: 307.778.1371
  • Office: FA 112

Laura Sigsbury, Technical Support Specialist

  • Phone: 307-778-1255
  • Office: EEC 121

Brandon Poulliot, Technical Support Specialist

  • Phone: 307-778-1143
  • Office: EEC 118

 If there are some new courses you would like to put online or have a larger project you would like to undertake please contact Kari Brown-Herbst:

Kari Brown-Herbst, Director

  • Phone: 307.778.1336
  • Office: EEC 216

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